INFOTÉR132023. október 17–19., Balatonfüred
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October 17, 2023 - Day 0

Defense & Space - Latest opportunities of the space and defense industry
On day 0 of the Infotér Conference, two of the hottest topics will be in focus again: space industry and national defense. However, after last year, we are preparing with new related topics. The latest immersive technology, augmented reality (XR), is playing an increasingly key role. Its superpower lies in the fact that it includes both VR and AR, and its range of possible uses is actually endless. It can play a role in countless areas: we can use it to train an army and even model a space mission with it. What do you need to know about it? How can it contribute to the two sectors in our focus? We will also examine what fields of science can be integrated into the space and defense industry. For example, where is the place of medicine and education in these sectors and how can they contribute to their success? This will also be revealed on Day 0.

October 18, 2023 - Day 1

Is AI already exploring our financial possibilities?
It is not new that artificial intelligence has an impact on our entire lives and everyday living. At this panel discussion, we talk about how it got into the field of fintech and what questions the impressively rapid development of this type of solution in such a sensitive sector raises. Primary consideration is to inform the average user, and it is inevitable that we also exchange ideas about what security measures the sector should initiate beyond the mere transfer of information. Can user trust be maintained? How do we relate to developments in the domestic and EU contexts? We will talk about the topic with experts from National Savings Bank (OTP) and Hungarian National Bank (MNB), as well as fintech companies and specialists.

Is AI the secret to a long life?
The future has already begun in healthcare and patient care while futuristic digital solutions are being aimed at home care. Artificial intelligence is certainly an indispensable component in this process as well. But where are we now? How do we educate those involved and the organizations providing support? Is it possible to supplement the services of smart homes with MedTech functions? The most daring visionaries are already imagening a home functioning as a health screening station. How can smart devices improve our quality of life? Where do we draw the line? What resources are currently available in the area?

AI: What is it capable of today and how do we regulate it?
In recent months, we have all been excited about artificial intelligence. However, in the midst of discussions with ChatGPT, we cannot forget about one of the most important aspects of technology: regulation. Can it be kept under control, and if so, how? Is this even necessary, and if so, why? We will take a look at what efforts were aimed at this during the turbulent period behind us, and where we are now in the process at EU and domestic level. Following the round table discussion, new digital solutions will be presented. We will introduce more of the relevant innovations, which inform those interested in how to imagine the functioning and technology of AI today.

AI: Will it take the place of educators?
A future in which Artificial Intelligence solves almost every task for students is approaching rapidly. Will general artificial intelligence take over the place and tasks of teachers or parents in the future? During a roundtable discussion and a discussion forum with our experts, we will find out what the consequences of all this can be in a society that adjusts to this not-so-much-futuristic possibility. How can the concept of ethics be defined in the era of general artificial intelligence? What (digital) skill development should we focus on in the future?

Farm innovatively!
One of the most significant challenges of domestic agriculture is digital catch-up. From 2023, the application for agricultural grants required farmers to provide considerable data related to their farming. These data can be collected and transmitted by the producers with digital solutions, and the inspection of the land areas is performed based on satellite data. At this panel discussion, with experts of National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH), Hungarian State Treasury (MÁK) and Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Clubs and Farmers’ Cooperatives (MAGOSZ), we will examine the extent to which the CAP Strategy has influenced the digitalization of agriculture. How did the producers handle the task, what can the collected data be used for, and has digital development increased overall?

Economic development with digitalization
Digital transition plays a more significant role in the development of the Hungarian economy than ever before. In this regard, small and medium-sized enterprises are still lagging behind the most. At our roundtable discussion, we will examine the trends affecting enterprises and the lagging and advancing sectors. We will also talk about what programmes and tenders can be expected from the government in the near future, as well as what development policy, public policy, or regulatory actions may lead to results in the digital economy.

Alternatives to alternative energy production
The fact that energy sources are available to us continuously and at an affordable price seemed to be granted until the not-too-distant past. However, climate change, depletion of natural resources and conflicts and dependency between states present challenges to energy systems, which must be prepared for a quick response. Nevertheless, the technology is available in vain if the regulation becomes a hindrance for use. This difficulty can only be solved with the involvement of state actors. There is a lot to do and we have to act quickly. Our panel discussion will focus on this topic. What is the current status of the energy community pilot project? How can support policy accelerate the level of energy security? And the main question: how can Hungary become increasingly energy independent?

Future of the circular economy
In addition to following mandatory directives and climate policy purposes, it is also our own well-understood interest to produce as little waste as possible in Hungary. We will start the discourse with an introductory presentation about the solution qualified as best practice by the profession and its perspectives. Subsequently, we will talk about the present and future prospects of the circular economy in Hungary. The topic also creates an opportunity to discuss the centralized waste management system that came into force on July 1, 2023. What measures and digital solutions can be expected, and how does this affect the population?

5G and beyond
We will talk about the present and future of the telecommunications infrastructure in Hungary. How widespread is 5G technology and what are its effects? What are the options for residential and industrial use? We will discuss the plans and visions of operators and regulators, and also their current approach to 5G-related projects. We will also talk about the cooperation between the government and market players, but also how the developments affect the domestic telecommunications infrastructure. The sector is developing dynamically, and we can already experience digital transformation. We will also take a look at the potential effects of 5G technology.

Hungary as an IT power?
Hungary’s governments have often received criticisms according to which our country have been exploited by multinational manufacturing companies, which pocket the profit they earn in Hungary, while Hungary has no meaningful foreign market and export activities. But what about the IT sector? Is it possible that Hungary will become the Silicon Valley of Central and Eastern Europe in the near future? We invite those interested to this panel discussion. We will present digital success stories and talk about the target markets in which these types of companies may achieve success. Moreover, with the assistance of our experts, we will also talk about what kind of state grant is needed for all of this.

October 19, 2023 - Day 2

CYBER SECURITY - New rules and challenges in cyberspace
Cyber security or digital security is one of our recurring topics. There is no need to prove its relevance, however, based on a recent EU directive, it is particularly important to help the safe digital operation of the domestic IT sector and SMEs. Thousands of companies must prepare to prove that their systems and applications comply with cyber security regulations. We will talk about what we should pay attention to and what the current trends are. Moreover, we will also discuss the prevention and treatment of cybercrime. Artificial intelligence cannot be left out of this topic either. How to apply AI in IT security tools? Are cybercriminals using AI?

Let’s talk about EU resources!
General development policy must also be on the agenda of this year’s Infotér Conference. Of course, the focus will also be on digitization. Our experts will share information about the most important details of tenders for service developments affecting the agricultural and food sectors. Among others, Horizon Europe, CEF2 Digital and the Digital Europe Programme will be discussed, as well as how they support European and domestic digital transformation projects.

Green financing in municipalities
What can be the innovative solutions for regional development in Hungary? Our invited experts will present Hungarian and international experiences in this discussion, with a special focus on the area and opportunities of green financing. Reimbursable grants may help in the development of municipal and regional projects, however, this requires information and outreach. We will talk about how green transition can be implemented and where we stand now in this process.


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